Character Assassins

Character Assassins

Ecclesiastical Terrorists
Along with the rise of Islamic Jihad in the world, we are witnessing an increase in ecclesiastical terrorism.
 There are those Christians who see it as their calling to sabotage the support bases of others, to launch sneak attacks, ecclesiastical Pearl Harbours, to destroy missionary towers, assassinate characters, hijack ministries and blow up bridges of relationships.  These ecclesiastical terrorists seek to intimidate and to sow seeds of fear and doubt.

Undermining the Great Commission
There are those who have a ministry of criticism and a gift of discouragement.
  All too many dedicated Christian workers have fallen victim to ecclesiastical bullies and those with a ministry of backstabbing. Pride, jealousy and covetousness, dysfunctional churches and dysfunctional members collectively present a serious threat to the fulfilment of the Great Commission in our generation.

Pathological Antagonists
There is a desperate need to expose the increasing threat of pathological antagonists and abusive churches.
  In order to encourage and empower those involved in missions and ministry who are being targeted and undermined, this book attempts to both expose the problem and to provide practical and Biblical solutions.  For this purpose the light of Scripture and experience is shone on the dark dealings of those relentless critics who prefer to shoot from the shadows. 

"Look, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart."  Psalm 11:2 

Constructive Response
The goal of this book is to be constructive, to encourage those under attack, to provide a tool with which to expose the tactics and strategies of character assassins, and to enable ministers and missionaries to educate their elders and deacons as to the reality of this problem and the Biblical solutions.

Systematic and Sustained Attacks
As Dr. Guy Greenfield has observed in his book "The Wounded Minister - Healing From and Preventing Personal Attacks", every church and ministry has to deal with personality conflicts and intermittent discord.  That is normal.  However, what we are facing is the "growing phenomenon", "major problem approaching crisis proportions" of "pathological antagonists", and their allies and sympathisers, who launch systematic and sustained attacks on the leaders of a church or ministry. 

Clergy Killers
G. Lloyd-Rediger describes these antagonists as "clergy killers", who have as their one major objective to abuse or hurt the ministers to the degree that they will leave the ministry.  Rediger notes that this abuse is "increasing in epidemic proportions…it is a phenomenon that is verified by both research and experience."

Confusion and Cowardice
However, because this phenomenon is little understood and seldom recognised, these genuine candidates for church discipline generally escape Biblical accountability and continue to cause divisions - to their own spiritual detriment and to the harm of others. The indecisiveness and procrastination of many church leaders, even when such trouble makers are recognised, makes resolution difficult.  However, while many church leaders will shrink from confronting ecclesiastical tyrants, terrorists and traitors, some can be manipulated and bullied into condemning various dedicated and effective servants of God.

Presumed Guilty
Most church members would be shocked to learn how pathological antagonists can manufacture evidence and presumption of guilt, organise trials in abstentia, when no defence is allowed and no appeal is possible, and arrange a guilty verdict as a foregone conclusion. 

The ex-Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, in his book The Great Betrayal states:  "We were never beaten by our enemies - we were betrayed by our friends."  This has been the sad experience of all too many ministers and missionaries as well.

"Dr. Peter Hammond has written a challenging new book entitled, Character Assassins: Dealing With Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists. Those who have experienced such character assassinations will be greatly helped by this book and the many anecdotal stories that it relates. It is a topic rarely written on and one that I am sure will prove a blessing in the lives of many who are wounded ministers or missionaries." - 
D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

"I am grateful such a book now exists. I have observed all too much in the way of slander of godly men and abusive churches which operate by tyrannical control. And I am aware of far too many botched church discipline cases where the elders proceeded wrongly without following Matthew 18 principles, or where there was too great a fear of confrontation and the people with the factual information about sinful behaviour refused to go public, but rather wanted to remain an ‘anonymous witness’, which of course fly’s in the face of Matt. 18. May God use this book to shake fearful church people into proper courage, and also help define ecclesiastical tyranny for those being tyrannized." - Dr. Jay Grimstead, Director, Coalition on Revival

"Character Assassins are a well-written, much-needed book, which every pastor and ministry leader will want to have. It shines the light of Scripture and experience on the dark dealings of those who shoot from the shadows to destroy the reputations of those in the frontlines of ministry. Almost everyone in any kind of leadership today has experienced the kind of back-stabbing exposed in this book. But, until now, there has been very little in print to give hope, Biblical insights and practical help to those under fire. "Furthermore, Dr. Peter Hammond’s track record of ministry, leadership and servant hood give him a unique perspective on this fascinating topic." - Joseph Farah, Founder,

"Bravo! Character Assassins are a timely and important book by Peter Hammond. It exposes the pathological antagonists who are out to destroy God’s anointed, reveals the motivations behind the accuser of the brethren and sets forth in great detail how to discover the truth. Character Assassins are must reading. I recommend it for every believing Christian." - Dr. Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE

"This is a desperately needed book emerging at a critical time when courageous and committed clergy as well as other leaders, not only in South Africa but round the world, are finding themselves alienated, reviled, persecuted and despised by the very institutions and so called leadership which should be encouraging, supporting and championing their efforts." - Douglas McClure, Retired Civil Servant and Company Director, South Africa

"It is my privilege and honour to highly recommend this desperately needed book, Character Assassins, to all Christians who are serious with God and want to remain standing where many are falling." - Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, MP, President, African Christian Democratic Party

"This book is a must read for every church leader, evangelical Christian and all those who choose to serve the Lord effectively." - The Honourable Kent Durr, MP (ACDP), Parliamentarian; Cabinet Minister; Ambassador, High Commissioner and Chairman of Companies worldwide.


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