In Memorium


 Chris and Tracey Klicka and their children have been an inspiration and encouragement to home schoolers worldwide. The first time I met Chris he was running with his suit bag to catch a flight to his next speaking engagement.

I have always been impressed with the energy, integrity and vision of Chris Klicka. He has been a tireless advocate and campaigner for the liberties of home schooling families worldwide. In literally thousands of legal conflicts he has worked for the freedoms which many hundreds of thousands of home schooling families benefit from to this day.

For two decades Chris has been a personal friend, and as we began to home school our 4 children the Klicka family and Hammond family became firm friends and were regularly in contact.

When Chris was healthier, he and Tracey visited our home in Cape Town and inspired many of us to launch into home schooling our children. We will always be grateful to him for his inspiration, for his encouragement and for his example. His book: The Right Choice – Home Schooling, continues to provide a vital resource for home schooling parents.

In 2007 when our whole family visited the USA, it was the Klickas who welcomed us at the airport and their home was the first to host us. We will always remember the joy of our two families exploring the monuments and museums in Washington DC together.

On behalf of home schooling families in South Africa we praise God for the life and legacy of Christopher Klicka. We praise God for all that He has already accomplished through this remarkable, courageous and sacrificial life. We praise God for all that He is continuing to do through the solid foundations laid, legal battles won and through the precious children of Chris and Tracey. We praise God that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life.

With much love from Peter and Lenora Hammond 
Frontline Fellowship 
Cape Town, South Africa

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