The Great Commission Manual

The Great Commission Manual

Since 1982 Frontline Fellowship has pioneered missions throughout Africa. Since 1998 Frontline Fellowship has been conducting Great Commission Courses. The enthusiastic responses of participants who have travelled from all over the world to take part in these life changing courses have encouraged us to produce this completely new Great Commission Manual and a two disc MP3 box set with 45 of the GCC audio presentations. This, along with Biblical Worldview Summit MP3 lectures, which are an integral part of the first phase of the GCC, will make much of the course materials accessible to those who otherwise could not participate.

Participants of the Great Commission Course have come from as far afield as Canada and the Congo, Angola and America, Nigeria and New Zealand, Mozambique and Malawi, Sudan and South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Botswana and Britain, and many other parts of the world. Some of the written responses from recent participants in the Great Commission Course include: “A most unique and valuable instrument to move people out of their comfort zones into missions”; “Their leadership is focused and courageous. Their commitment is contagious and the amount of knowledge and research done gives a professional touch to the presentations”; “My mind and body have been stretched to attempt greater heights for God’s Glory”; “Excellent, inspirational and encouraging.”

The Great Commission Manual consists of 30 chapters in a large format 160 page manual. The chapters include:

The Greatness of the Great Commission, Look at the Fields, The Amatuerisation of Missions, How to be Effective in Missions Without Becoming a Victim, The Will of God, Being Relevant and Compassionate in a Broken World, Discipleship, Waking Up to an Unsaved World, To Know God and to Make Him Known, To the Ends of the Earth, The Eschatology of Victory of the Greatest Century of Missions, The Mountains of God, Suffering, Remember the Persecuted, Culture and Christianity in Acts, Missions in the Psalms, Pride and Foolishness, Spiritual Warfare - Freedom in Christ, Reclaiming Surrendered Ground, Evangelising Animists, The Challenge of Hinduism, Challenging Muslims, Comparing the Quran with the Bible, Leaders for Africa, The Chocolate Soldier, Are You Grateful? and Character Studies on great missionaries, including: Andrew, John-Mark, Columba - Missionary to Scotland, and Boniface - The Apostle to the Germans.

The Great Commission Course 2010 MP3 box set includes 45 lectures and presentations on two MP3 discs. The manual costs – R40 and the MP3 box set costs – R120. 

Both the MP3 box set and manual are available together for – R140 (overseas $32)

The Biblical Worldview Summit manual costs – R34 (overseas $7) and the BWS 2010 MP3 2 disc box set costs – R120 overseas $30. Both the BWS MP3 box set and manual are available together for – R135 (overseas $32) from:

Christian Liberty Books,
P.O. Box 358 Howard Place, 7450
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel/Fax  021-689-7478 
[email protected] 

Those in North America can order resources from Frontline Fellowship - USA:
Email: [email protected]

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