Going On – With a Nod from God
is Rev. Bill Bathman's latest book – which is soon to be released. Going On is the sequel to his previous book: Going Through – Even If the Door is Closed. In Going Through, Bill Bathman focussed on his ministry in Europe, right up to the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Going On focuses on his Ministry and observations throughout Africa, South America and Asia, throughout tumultuous events during the height of the Cold War.

Going On (over 103,000 words in 42 chapters) will soon be available in both hard copy and as an E-book.

Going Through – Even If the Door is Closed is available as an E-book through (50 chapters, 100,690 words with 18 pictures and maps). Hard copies of Going Through can be ordered from Christian Liberty Books, PO Box 358 Howard Place 7450 Cape Town South Africa, Tel: 021-689-7478, [email protected] and

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