The Lord has never commanded us to do anything for which He has not also given us the power. Even when He commanded us to reach every nation He also promised us His own Holy Spirit to empower us (Luke 24:47?49). Many Christians think of parts of the world as unreachable - that is a fallacy! If Jesus commanded us to reach every tribe, tongue, race and nation then it is gloriously possible!

Consider, for example, the situation of the Pagan Empire of Rome in the first century. A group of 12 men were commanded to reach 200 million heathen people for Christ! Despite fierce persecution and opposition they succeeded to the point where the entire Empire officially turned to Christianity.

Note that a hundred years ago South Korea was a Buddhist stronghold without a single Bible or Christian in the whole land. Now that country is a Christian stronghold with the largest church in the world (over 150 000 members in one congregation); the largest recorded prayer meetings in history (in one place over 1 million prayed through the night); and the largest recorded gathering in the history of Christianity (with 2,7 million believers meeting at one time, in one place in Seoul's Great Yoida Plaza)!

Consider Nepal, a 'closed' Hindu nation where conversion to Christianity was illegal. In 1975 there were a mere 500 believers in the land. Campus Crusade now report that through their"Target O" outreach, the "Here's Life" radio broadcast and the "Jesus?" film nearly 50 000 Nepalese have been led to Christ!

The once closed Communist China was considered unreachable. Now we know of literally millions of on?fire believers meeting in flourishing fellowships throughout the country.

There are many clear examples of the Lord answering believing prayer and rewarding faithful work by opening up a closed area.

In the 1920's the Wolayta tribe of Ethiopia was considered unreachable. But now there are 738 Sudan Interior Mission Churches in that one tribe alone!

At the turn of the century the Quechua Indians of Peru and Bolivia were said to be unreachable. Now? There are over 1 200 evangelical congregations flourishing amongst them.

Is there such a thing as an unreachable people? No, only unreached people. Is there such a thing as an impossible task in Missions? No, just undone tasks. Why then are there so many unreached tribes today? It is because of unsurrendered lives, which are playing when they should be praying; hoarding when they should be giving, staying when they should be going.

"Every tribe, tongue, nation and race" can be reached in this generation if thousands of Christians like you will pray.

"We will do everything you have told us and will go wherever you send us" - Joshua 1:16