The largest missions congress in history has been targeted by the most massive malicious cyber attack ever seen.

With over 4,200 participants from 197 countries gathered at the Cape Town 2010 Congress on World Evangelisation, another 100,000 people were to receive live streaming of the conference through 700 global link sites in 95 countries.

The sophisticated computer network developed for live broadcasting to the world was compromised for the first two days of the Cape Town 2010 congress. At a press conference, yesterday (20 October) Joseph Vijayam, IT Chair of the Lausanne movement, reported that the computer network developed for live broadcasting of the congress was targeted by millions of malicious external hits coming from several locations. Added to this was a virus brought into the Cape Town International Conference Centre on a mobile phone.

During questioning at the press conference, Mr. Vijayam made it clear that there was no doubt that the Cape Town 2010 Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation had been targeted by literally millions of malicious external hits from multiple locations. This unprecedented cyber attack had crashed the sophisticated computer network system at CTICC.

When asked if he could confirm where the hacking came from, he replied: “We have a pretty strong indication, but one can never be absolutely certain, so we prefer not to share our suspicions.”

However, there was no doubt in the minds of most of the journalists and participants involved that the co-ordinated cyber attack originated from China.

The communist party government of China prevented hundreds of Christian leaders in their country from attending the missions congress in Cape Town. According to the Christian Persecution Watchdog Group which has been monitoring the situation closely, around 1,000 state police were assigned to restrain the participants in the Lausanne Congress from China and prevent them from boarding aircraft. Many Chinese Christian leaders had their passports confiscated, some were detained. Others had their luggage seized, many were subjected to intensive interrogation.

Some of these pastors were told that the Lausanne Covenant undermined the Chinese state in its section on “Freedom and Persecution”: “It is the God appointed duty of every government to secure peace, justice and liberty in which the Church may obey God, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and preach the Gospel without interference. We also express our deep concern for all who have been unjustly imprisoned, and especially for those who are suffering for their testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ. We promise to pray and work for their freedom.” According to some Chinese state officials this is “subversive.”

Some have observed that the Chinese travel ban violates the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which states that “Every person has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”

The IT Chair of the Lausanne movement, Joseph Vijayam, reported that, after two days of strenuous work, the system was restored and the network is effectively broadcasting the congress live to 700 global link sites in 95 countries.


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