For our next Great Commission Course (1-20 January 2016) we have several missions-minded people from Africa who have asked for sponsorship. We do not want to say no. We want to get them here by any means possible because we know many of these Evangelists and Pastors and have worked with them in the field. We believe these individuals will greatly benefit the Kingdom of God with training they could receive from the Great Commission Course. Can you help?
Previous GCC Participants have written about how they benefitted from the Course:
"Inspirational and effective"; "Excellent, very, very well planned and well thought through, extremely relevant to our times"; "Informative, creative, challenging and inspiring"; "I have been strengthened. I have wrestled with God. I have learned a lot and now I have a new way of looking at the world"; "Absolutely brilliant!"; "Excellent all-round learning experience"; "Packed with activities. Probably the most comprehensive, in-depth crash course on the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ out there"; "Outstanding!"; "I have learnt a lot about discipline and benefited both spiritually and physically"; "It is hard-core, reality and so Biblical. It presents one with the refreshing truth. I've been equipped to be an Evangelist"; "Full power-packed lectures"; "Very informative, very practical, a life changing course! You cannot leave the same way you came", "Good, hard, tough, vigorous, blessed, victorious, focussed, intelligent and necessary"; "It has been a great experience. I love the combination of physical exercise and learning and spiritual growth".

When we hear about how Great Commission Course alumni are winning the lost to Christ and serving in Missions, we know there is hope for Africa. Our Mission Teams continue to see their progress when they visit them in their areas. Several have launched effective missions since completing the Great Commission Course.
To be sure, the challenges facing us today are difficult. But as the great Missionary Pioneer and Explorer and best friend of Africa, Dr David Livingstone, said:
"Can that be called a sacrifice, which is simply paid back as a small part of a great debt owing to our God, which we can never repay?... it is emphatically no sacrifice. Say rather, it is a privilege!"
Africa for Christ!
Great Commission Course graduates embrace the privilege of Missions and are boldly bringing the light of Christ into the dark areas of the world. They have planted churches, started self-supporting farming projects, are serving persecuted Christians, and are teaching and training pastors throughout Africa.
Nations are being transformed for God’s Glory!
The influence of these GCC graduates is possible because of your prayers and support.
Your Gifts Change Lives for Christ
Scripture says our gifts are a sweet fragrance to the Lord. We do not know exactly what that is like in the spiritual realm, but we are often overwhelmed by your generosity. Your sacrifices change lives one by one, and we are humbled and grateful. Thank You!
Several places for the Great Commission Course are already filled. But several more prospective participants are praying for sponsorships so that they can attend - prospective participants that our Missionaries have served with in the field. So many more are faithful and eager, but their family and country financial situations are so difficult.
We know God is preparing a generation to rise up to meet the challenges of our day. Your prayers are critical at this time in history, for these 2016 trainees.
Your gifts are also critically important. With your partnership, we will be able to train more Evangelists and Missionaries. In all, participants will be challenged to engage rather than escape the culture, transforming communities for Christ. 
Can you assist us in sponsoring any of these missionary candidates?
The days are evil, but there are the dedicated few focused intently on preparing godly, courageous leaders. We thank God for all our supporters.
The cost of the Great Commission Camp (1-6 January 2016) is R1800 (US$380) per person and the cost of the full Great Commission Course (1-20 January 2016) is R3800 (US$180) per person. This includes accommodation, food, manuals, textbooks and lecture notes. Our Missionaries give of their time and talents freely. These are the catering and accommodation costs.

Sponsorships Needed
If you are not able to personally participate, perhaps you would like to make it possible for others to attend by helping to sponsor deserving students or missionary candidates from difficult backgrounds to attend the camp or course here in Cape Town.
At the GCC we teach examples of excellence such as William Carey and David Livingstone and simple, but effective, Evangelism methods, developed by Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master that uses The Ten Commandments to bring conviction of sin and show people their need for Repentance and Faith in Christ. View a 30 second Way of the Master promotional video. Way of the Master training materials, resources and tracts are available from
You can also help by promoting the Great Commission Camp and Course to your friends and contacts:

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