An Urgent Need to Meet an Unprecidented Opportunity Print


A message from Rev. Bill Bathman, Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship:

Greetings in Jesus' precious Name!

As you know, last month, South Sudan celebrated its Independence from the North, ending a war that had lasted over 20 years and claimed the lives of over 2 million Christians! The door is wide open now for preaching the Gospel, winning souls to Jesus Christ and an opportunity to build His Church.

Frontline Fellowship is on the cutting edge with a 16-year track record in Sudan during which time they have trained over 70 Chaplains, 50 medics, 280 pastors and 780 teachers. Over the years FF has helped established 100 primary schools, one high school and two Bible Colleges in Sudan, thus strengthening a vital 3-fold mission work - ministering to spirit, mind and body.

Now, each of these established ministries urgently needs to be re-supplied. To meet the challenge of this unprecedented door of opportunity in South Sudan, FF urgently needs $50,000 within the next month. Here's why. In addition to vehicle repairs (see below), Pastors need the new Practical Discipleship book and Discipleship Training Manual and other vital evangelistic and discipleship literature for distribution. Field Evangelists need audio visual MP3 Sabers and DVD projectors for showing the Jesus film and other evangelistic tools in the local languages. Chaplains need the new Chaplains Hand Book and Chaplains Prayer Book, plus tracts and other Gospel literature. Other books by Peter are needed, including on Muslim Evangelism, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, Faith Under Fire in Sudan and Biblical Principles for Africa . Schools need to replace their worn out text books, medical clinics need supplies (especially now that Samaritan Purse has closed down its operation in Lui and handed the hospital over to the local church.).

Frontline Fellowship has an established network of key Christian leaders in South Sudan, ready to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. The time to help the newly liberated South Sudanese Christians is now.

Truly, "the harvest is ripe." Whereas, all too frequently "the laborers are few," FF has trained and experienced field-team personnel sufficient to make up three teams - ready to go within a month to South Sudan. Here's the situation: two of these teams have just returned from an extended field trip along the Zambezi River in Western Zambia. The road conditions in the remote bush were uncommonly hard on the mission vehicles resulting in the need for some serious repairs when they managed to return to Cape Town. These repairs are underway now. A third vehicle is needed for this ministry and supply trip. The missionaries have added up the costs, including repairs to vehicles, purchase of two tough off-road trailers, essential supplies, fuel and food to launch this 3-team, 3-month mission scheduled to leave in September. Bottom line: $50,000.

I believe that we should not only pray for the Mission, but financially support it, sacrificially (if necessary), to achieve the goals we all deem worthy. I have therefore today sent a check for $1,000 to FF-USA, P.O. Box 728, Manitou Springs, CO 80829, USA. This is not a "matching gift" contingent on anyone following suit. My check is already on the way. My prayer is that each of you will seek the Lord as to what He would have you sacrificially give and respond accordingly. Some of you might be able to give much more.

I've never written a letter like this, but then I haven't been faced with such a faith-building, momentous, time-sensitive opportunity since the Rosenhof project in Austria, in 1970 (see Going Through, p. 190). I believe this is a crucial moment in the history of South Sudan. The cults and communists are poised to exploit the opening, as are the Muslims.

We need to act now. Please pray and join me in this endeavor.

Thank you, and May God bless each of you abundantly.

Yours in His grip,

Rev. Bill Bathman

Chairman of the Board
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