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Africa is a continent in conflict. Animism, communism and Islam are in conflict with Christianity. The battle is for the soul of the continent.

Jesus said: “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields …” John 4:35

A Continent in Conflict

Since the end of the Cold War many conflicts have ended, particularly in Southern Africa. However, animism, tribalism and ethnic cleansing have caused tremendous bloodshed and great tides of refugees in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Islamic Jihad in Sudan and Northern Nigeria have destroyed many hundreds of churches and massacred tens of thousands of Christians. Islamic regimes are persecuting Christians in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania , Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.

The Challenge of Islam

Officially 41% of all Africans are Muslim. Half of these are Arabs and the other half, Black Africans, who have been Arabised.

Bibles for Africa

Officially over 24% of Africans are Evangelicals and Charismatics. Even in the face of violent opposition, Bible-Believing, Evangelical churches are expanding at a staggering pace. In fact, the church in Africa has grown so fast that Operation World reports that 100 million Christians in Africa do not even possess a copy of the Bible.

Africa’s Greatest Need is Discipleship

Evangelistic growth in Africa has been explosive. However while many churches in Africa are growing in spiritual maturity and evangelistic vision, discipleship is still Africa’s greatest need. Most often thorough discipleship and a Biblical worldview are lacking. Leadership Training and Bible-based literature are high priorities. Thorough repentance, restitution and applying the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life needs to be emphasised. This is what our mission seeks to do.

To Fulfill the Great Commission

Frontline Fellowship seeks to serve the suffering, evangelise in war zones, work for Reformation and pray for Revival throughout Africa. By the grace of God, and in humble dependence upon Him and His Word, the Bible, we seek to accomplish this primarily through Literature, Leadership Training and Love in Action. Ministering to spirit, mind and body we seek to comprehensively fulfill the Great Commission, making disciples and teaching obedience to all things that the Lord has commanded.

Answers to Prayer

In the first eight months of this year we have completed multiple missions to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, the Congo and further afield. We have produced many new audio-visual resources for Leadership Training, published new, much expanded editions of the Great Commission Manual and Faith Under Fire in Sudan. We have also received and processed over 40 tonnes of Bibles and Christian books from overseas. Many of these have already been distributed carefully, prayerfully and strategically, to missions, churches, schools and colleges throughout Southern Africa.

Critical Shortages Cause a Standstill

However, at this critical point, when I am about to head off on a very intensive mission trip by road, which includes conducting a number of Biblical Worldview Seminars, a Great Commission Seminar and ministry at numerous schools, churches and missions, numerous projects have come to a standstill for lack of funds.

Congo River Mission

Our missionary to the Congo, Johan, has returned after two months of struggling to reach remote villages by dugout canoe. He needs dedicated, suitable co-workers and a suitable boat, with outboard motor, to transport the Bibles and audio-visual evangelistic and discipleship materials throughout this tropical rainforest.

Congo Conference

An important Leadership Training Conference that I had been invited to minister at in the Congo has been postponed for lack of funds.

Malawi BWS

A Biblical Worldview Seminar being planned for Malawi has also been held up through lack of funding.

Field Equipment

Important field equipment needed for upcoming outreaches is also not available. We have all been going flat out, using every resource and tactic possible for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Africa. The needs are incredibly great and the opportunities are unprecedented.

Please continue to lift up all of our missionaries and staff at this difficult time.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

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