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The Great Commission is Our Supreme Ambition

By God’s grace, our three-week Great Commission Course was most blessed and successful. Participants registered from as far afield as Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, from all over South Africa, and from France and the USA. The first week of the Great Commission Course incorporated the Reclaiming Africa for Christ Biblical Worldview Summit (27 June – 4 July). This was held at the Mizpah Conference Centre near Grabouw. Mizpah is set up in the mountains in a nature reserve overlooking a dam. Including day visitors, we had over 80 participants and 18 lecturers. The programme was varied including discussion groups, Bible Drill, worship services, sports, hikes, daily P.T., inspiring lectures and PowerPoint presentations, Science and Scripture Workshops, an Evangelism Workshop, a Christian Action Workshop, films, a Bible exam, and outreaches into the local town and townships of Grabouw.


Children for the Great Commission

The BWS also included a parallel children’s programme led by Lizelle van Amstel who has a dynamic children’s ministry. As the BWS catered for families, there were 13 children who were trained in the Full Armour of God. This included instructions in archery and target shooting with air rifles, a challenging obstacle course and Evangelism and Discipleship.


Dynamic Speakers

The BWS speakers included veteran missionary Rev. Bill Bathman, Creation Scientist Phillip Stott, American Chalk Talk Evangelist Paul Young, Gerhard Le Roux and George Oesche of KwaSizabantu Mission, Gospel Defence League’s Mrs Dorothea Scarborough, Zimbabwe human rights activist Collen Makumbirofa, Jerusha Olsen of True Love Waits, ACDP Member of Parliament Cheryllyn Dudley, music and art critic Carl Fourie and Johan Leach of Waymakers.


Missionaries Fight off Hijackers

During the BWS, the Deputy Director of Frontline Fellowship, Charl van Wyk, and Creation Science lecturer Phillip Stott, were held up in an attempted hijacking while en-route to record a radio programme. While two thugs pointed their automatic firearms at Uncle Philip threatening him and manhandling him, Charl drew his Hechler and Koch 9mm pistol, and opened fire - sending the assailants scurrying for cover. Charl then came under fire from a third assailant who was concealed by the side of the road in an ambush position. By God’s grace, our speakers and vehicle escaped the attempted hijacking unharmed. We praise God for His protection.


St James Massacre

Today, Friday 25 July, it is fifteen years since the brutal terrorist attack on St. James Church in Kenilworth., one of the largest Internet news agencies in the world, is highlighting the role of Frontline Fellowship Deputy Director, Charl van Wyk, in shooting back at the terrorists, cutting short their attack, and saving many lives. Charl’s testimony of that critical event has been published in the book Shooting Back. WorldNetDaily has also produced a DVD on the event. To read an account of the recent attack on Frontline missionary Charl van Wyk and Biblical Worldview Summit Creation Science Lecturer Philip Stott in an attempted hijacking in Khayelitsha, see: Frontline Missionaries Attacked on website. also has an article on the incident: Christian Missionary Shoots Back – Again! For the story of the St. James Massacre see: Christians Under Fire (The St. James Massacre) on website (under Mission Reports/South Africa).


Lives Transformed

By God’s grace, participants of the BWS had the joy of leading repentant individuals to Christ in prayer on the streets of Grabouw, and in the townships. In a dramatic response to the first presentation of the course, two men stood up after Dr. Peter Hammond’s presentation on God’s Law vs Paganism, took out their earrings and said that they wanted to repent of body piercing. They came to the front, and knelt on the ground pouring out their hearts to the Lord in prayer, with many tears.


Standing for the Right to Life

The day after the BWS, Taryn led a prayer vigil, literature outreach and placard demonstration outside the Marie Stopes abortuary in Bree Street, Cape Town. By God’s grace numerous evangelistic discussions ensued and we were able to lead someone to the Lord on the street. In recent weeks we have had numerous opportunities to lead people to Christ during outreaches in shopping malls, at railway stations, door-to-door and in townships.


Biblical Principles for Africa

Hundreds of the new expanded edition of Biblical Principles for Africa have been sent up to Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are receiving invitations to conduct Biblical Worldview Seminars in many parts of Africa, including as far afield as Kenya and Nigeria. Biblical Principles for Africa is now available in French and in Afrikaans.


The Mizpah Declaration

Delegates of the BWS endorsed The Mizpah Declaration – 42 Articles of the Essentials of a Christian Worldview. This document is based on many years work by the Coalition on Revival, a network of Evangelical leaders who share a vision for, and a commitment to, Revival, Renewal and Reformation in both Church and society. The Christian Action Network now includes 57 member organisations, missions and ministries as far afield as Burundi, Cameroon, the Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Stretching Minds and Muscles

Following the BWS, Great Commission Course participants hiked up Lions Head in the dark, in wet weather, and through the clouds. The next morning the GCC participants were involved in a prayer vigil, placard protest and literature evangelism outside the Marie Stopes Abortuary in Cape Town. This was followed by a tour of the Castle, and outreaches into Cravenby. Both on the streets of Cape Town, and during door-to-door outreaches in Dark City, Cravenby, several of our team had the privilege of leading people to Christ in prayer. On Sundays the GCC participants split into three teams to conduct services in different parts of the peninsula, including Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and Cravenby. There were more outreaches on Sunday afternoon, and during the weeks mornings were devoted primarily to Bible Study and intensive lectures on Missions. Afternoons were given to practicals, workshops and outreaches. There were other late night hikes, including in the rain and in rivers, a Work Party mixing and laying concrete at a nearby mission station, soccer evangelism in Khayelitsha, various missions exams, and a seven-hour mountain hike up and over the full length of Table Mountain - with much of this completed in the dark.


Ministering to Spirit, Mind and Body

The three-week Great Commission Course is a balance of ministering to spirit, mind and body. It aimed to stretch minds and muscles, exposing participants to a wide range of stressful situations, ministry opportunities, practical challenges and inspiring lectures, films and presentations on some of the greatest missionaries in history (including Columba, Boniface, William Carey and David Livingstone), in-depth presentations on various neglected and needy fields in Africa (including: Angola, Sudan and Zimbabwe). There were workshops on Evangelism, First Aid, Public Speaking, Hinduism and Islam. In total, the Great Commission Course included 67 lectures, 17 outreaches, 16 P.T. sessions, 15 films, 13 Devotions, 6 Exams, 5 Hikes and 4 Workshops. (Many of the lectures are available on audio CD or MP3).


Enthusiastic Responses

Some of the written responses from the participants of the Great Commission Course include: “Excellent training. GCC is unique”; “An incredible experience, more than I expected, great balance between lectures, physical exercise and discipline”; “The hikes were exciting and outstanding. Loved the lectures on the missionaries – great inspiration”; “I’m going to get out and really live the Great Commission”; “I’m going to become a doer of the Word”; “I am determined to live a life of no compromise – only Jesus or nothing”; “I will no longer neglect physical training”; “I have been strengthened and empowered”; “This has changed my life”.


Reclaiming Africa for Christ

Some of the written responses from the participants of the Reclaiming Africa for Christ Biblical Worldview Summit included: “It is the best thing that has happened in my entire life”; “It has put me back on the path to His righteousness”; “Excellent! Brilliantly put together, well organised”; “By the grace of God this is exactly where I needed to be – now!”; “Many questions I have been asking were answered. I am more encouraged to live a pure life before God and to share my faith with others. I leave astounded at God’s faithfulness”; “My eyes have been opened”; “I have decided to give my time for the salvation of our country”; “I will get more involved in action for Christ – starting in our town.”


Reforming Our Families – Reforming Our Nation

Please pray for Lenora and I as we travel to KwaZulu/Natal next week to speak at the Accelerated Christian Education School Administrator’s Conference.  They have invited me to speak on Reforming Our Families – Reforming Our Nation and Being Relevant in a Broken World.


Thank you very much for your partnership in prayer. May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

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