Thank you for your response to our Invictus Idolatry Film Review. We always appreciate critical feedback.

I’m glad to hear that you are a nation builder. That is what we are dedicated to doing. I have been a missionary for over 30 years serving the persecuted church, ministering in over 30 countries in 4 continents.

Nowhere in this film review did I call for Clint Eastwood’s movie, Invictus, to be censored or banned. We believe in free speech. Surely that is what we were exercising in writing this response to the film? It is not only our right, but it is healthy, in any society, to have a free market place for ideas.

You seem to assume that because I oppose the abortion policies, corruption and violence of the ANC that I must, de fact, be a supporter of the old National Party government? In fact, I am on record in published books, on radio programmes, public meetings, in leaflets, opposing many of the policies of the National Party.

In the past, if you opposed the National Party government you could be accused of being a communist. I had the Security Police, NIS and Military Intelligence, visit me to ask why I was writing some of the things I was doing and questioning whether I was actually a communist. Today, if you oppose the ANC government, you will be accused of being a racist.

Yet the ANC has replaced the apartheid of the past with Black Economic Empowerment of the present. We still have racial quotas and job reservation today. Apparently South Africa is the only country in the world to have Affirmative Action in favour of the majority against the minority. In all other countries Affirmative Action is to protect the minorities. Let’s face it: racism is wrong, no matter from which quarter it comes.

I’m sorry for what you and your family had to suffer under the apartheid regime. I have also seen my share of injustice. I have seen hundreds of churches burned down, burned out and desecrated by Marxist and Muslim regimes in Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Nigeria and the Sudan. I’ve been imprisoned in communist countries and experienced some of the tortures they inflict on people for having different opinions and beliefs. I have waded knee deep in corpses in church buildings in Rwanda. I have also come under artillery, rocket and mortar fire while preaching in churches in Sudan and come under aerial bombardment by the National Islamic Sudan air force while conducting church services there.

I am well aware of the consequences of injustice and oppression.

As a Christian it is my priority to love my neighbour and over the last 30 years I have sought to do that vigorously, delivering many tonnes of medicines and emergency relief aid to suffering and starving people throughout Africa, as far afield as Sudan.

I’m also painfully aware that over 900,000 innocent babies have been killed through abortion, officially, legally in South Africa, with taxpayers money, since it was legalized by Nelson Mandela 1 February 1997. I’ve also had to deal with counseling some of the victims of rape since the legalisation of pornography caused an explosion of crimes against women in this country. I would urge you not to allow your anger and hatred of injustice in the past to blind you to injustice in the present.

May the Lord continue to lead you into all truth.

Yours for Faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond