Thank you for your critical feedback on my film review on Invictus.

I do appreciate critical feedback. I did realise that this would be a controversial subject from many people’s point of view. Of course, it is not my intention to be controversial, but films are such an important culture shaping medium. Particularly historical films, which claim to be based on a true story, have a tremendous impact on shaping viewers perceptions of reality.

As Karl Marx declared the first battlefield is the re-writing of history.

I did try to be fair and balanced in writing this review. I did seek to give honour where honour was due. That the film was “beautifully crafted, stirring and inspiring…” and that many commendable words are said by the Nelson Mandela character in the film.

However, any Christian concerned with accuracy has to be offended when a central character of the film who was known to be a born again Christian is depicted as fornicating and swearing, and when the very God honoring prayer by the entire team on their knees at the conclusion of the match, is turned into such a limp and anemic “thanks Lord for letting us win the game”!!

If I had never met Nelson Mandela, had never lived in this country, and was not aware of the broader background, then Nelson Mandela and the ANC would seem to be just the kind of politicians I would want to support; loving, compassionate, generous, forgiving,….etc.

However, while all that makes for great drama on the screen, the reality has been quite different.

I can only agree with you that as Christians we have so many real battles to apply our minds to. “We cannot afford to focus on petty and unimportant issues.” I can only agree. However, what issues in the review were petty and unimportant? Do you think the legalisation of abortion by Nelson Mandela and the 900,000 babies who have been officially killed, legally and with our taxpayers money are “petty and unimportant”?

Or do you think the legalisation of pornography, gambling and homosexuality and the promotion of fornication and perversion in school sex education is “petty and unimportant”?

Do you think that it is unimportant to portray a sincere Bible believing Christian as a fornicator and foul mouthed? As that “petty and unimportant”?

Our concern is the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, which includes making disciples of the nations and teaching obedience to all things that the Lord Jesus has commanded. Invictus clearly has a secular humanist political agenda. Even the title of the film is named after a blatantly humanist poem that declares to “whatever gods there are” that “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” Do you believe that it is a small thing that such a major Hollywood production on our country should censor out the Christian faith of the core of the Springbok rugby team and take all the glory which they had given to the Lord Jesus Christ and transfer that to a secular humanist politician?

I am grateful for your forthrightness in writing to me on this matter and I trust that you will not be offended by my forthrightness in seeking to respond to your letter in an open and honest way.

May God continue to lead and guide you into all truth.

Yours in His service.

Dr. Peter Hammond