Reports from Mozambique Print


Volume 3 1989

Reports have been received describing the destruction of four villages in ZAMBEZIA province, MOZAMBIQUE. Zimbabwean paratroopers attacked and destroyed Chiromo, Chire, Milange and Morumbala villages for alleged co-operation with the national resistance movement. In addition, sixty school children were killed when Marxist Frelimo troops bombed a school in SOFALA province of Mozambique.

Cuban military advisers visited Mozambique in April last year, to assess the needs of Frelimo’s army. In July, 40 Cuban officers made an assessment of the roles Cuban soldiers could play in the civil war. Later, a training facility was established at Chibuto in the Gaza region, with Cuban instructors.

Then in October 1988, the Cuban Minister of Defence arrived in Maputo at the head of a military delegation. Since then, 30 Cuban officers and 130 Cuban troops have been transferred from Angola to Mozambique. They are now stationed in the Tete and Homoine regions.

Some Africans are understandably asking whether the Cuban withdrawal from Angola is not actually redeployment to other parts of Africa. If that is so we could see an increase of the kind of persecution that Cubans have subjected Angolan Christians to.